Pocket Jam Privacy Policy

Pocket Jam is provided by Pekka Kauppila.

Information Collection and Use

Pocket Jam does not send any data outside your device.

Permissions Required by App (Android)

Pocket Jam requires coarse location permission to enable Bluetooth LE connection to MIDI devices. No location info is collected by app.

Pocket Jam uses device microphone (duh). Microphone is also used while the app is in background, so you can e.g. view tabs or lyrics while using the app.

Beta Testing Participation

We store the email addresses of beta testers so we can distribute Pocket Jam to testers via Google Play Store and contact the testers during beta testing. The information is kept confidential and is not used for any other purposes.

The information may be stored outside EU in servers provided by Google.


Contact via pekka.kauppila@gmail.com